P0876. Hallerbos

Elaina Who are you, where are you … what really drove us apart. so that we can continue to live this way .. “You beamed So together” I have often heard. how is it possible then… that it went so wrong, and the love fire was “killed”? no one has been so fond of me since then although some evenings … Read More

P0875. I’m just writing

Unknown Poem from me to I know a lot who.Because I’ve been writing in the void for years.I was able to let go for a long timeand that felt great! But if there is no boyfriend you come back in one head.while you never promised me anything. Bookmark

P0874. Unconditional love

Unknown Don’t think about you for a few hours Want to give you all love Want to give my life for you immediately and without hesitation Even though you are no longer in my life Despite everything that happened Although you have often rejected me Despite that we have often grieved Despite the fact that we both sometimes nagged No … Read More

P0873. Nonsense?

IS. Is it nonsense that after two years I sometimes think that you should check? Even though we weren’t really God’s gift to each other? Is it nonsense that despite all the misunderstandings and drama, I still feel something in my heart called love? And that there m … Beautiful moments remain haunted…. Although I am aware that you do not … Read More

P0872. No goodbye

Unknown When you die, I will say goodbye to you,but not as long as youlet the world glide past you with averted faceand try not to see why it goes do not dare to look at yourself in the mirrorand donot see what you have experienced on your way as what can enrich your life,but say so, they have done that As long … Read More

P0871. Me

R.D. Seeing me in your eyes no place tohide Ifeel me in your kiss there is no escape your love in my heart My heartbeat for you… Bookmark

P0870. Your wife forever

Unknown What I feel now is indescribable So much love, why can’t we stay together?I miss you so much!But what if I see you again? So insecure, soon you will hurt me again and I will look up to it like a mountain. I see a lot of sorrow in your eyes. Unbelievable, all those people around you do not see … Read More

P0869. Why?

Unknown simple question.Why? Not easy to answer, although that seems stupid So many questions that storms ..so much what was promised … but not long after we met, the flame was extinguished. Bookmark

P0868. Special love

Unknown This love, Grabs you,Overcomes you,Overwhelms you,Surprises you,Frustrates you,Makes you vulnerable,But also strong,Let you search,For your feeling,It remains special, A special love! Bookmark

P0867. Broken by love

Unknown Broken in love, I no longer see a way out The trail is missing, the curtains closed It is now so dark and cold, only a few months ago it was still light You played with me without perhaps knowing it I lost my heart, my whole being I gave my listening ear to you and you could read … Read More