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2012, trueYou® Publishing

75 intense personal stories

Atracting and rejecting at the same time, we all know in every relationship. But what if it becomes so intense that it drastically changes your life? Have you ever met someone who took you by surprise with an unconditional love, as deep as you have never felt it before? A love that suddenly came without you having to do anything for it. At the same time you were confronted with yourself, by that same person. Evoking your most difficult emotions, which you had tucked away the most. Maybe you have met a soulmate then.

The connection between soulmates seems to be a bond of love throughout lives. Soulmates are therefore inextricably associated with reincarnation. What is happening? How do you deal with it? Why does something so intense come into your life? 75 intense encounters of soulmates Meeting a soulmate or soulmate can be a special experience. It may also be difficult for potential partners to understand. This book invites you to read 75 personal experience stories about the soulmates phenomenon. The author has collected these experiences from people who have felt this special bond of love themselves. They know better than anyone what they are talking about.

This book is a report of their intense, true stories, experiences and emotions. For people who have to do with soul love this is a recognition, a recognition or sometimes a revelation. For others it is a compelling book about personal struggles and growth to be yourself again.