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Eternal love?

Soul love and soulmates are inextricably linked to reincarnation. Without exception, people with a soulmate experience speak of ‘unconditional love’ that usually comes ‘suddenly’. Actually before you have met. An unconditional soul love built up in previous lives with a soulmate. A soul’s love can meet in your current life and then ‘plug in’, as it were, directly into the age-old bond of love at soul level. Here it seems to come from the sense of recognition. From the love that exists over lives.

Love cannot hurt

There is no reason to be afraid of love. Love cannot hurt. Then you no longer take ownership of your own feelings. “Hurting” means that you make yourself dependent on someone else. If you feel hurt, you make yourself dependent on someone else. If you are afraid of being hurt (again), you are really only afraid of being yourself, of not being dependent on others anymore. Feeling hurt is a choice, you are not hurt. You can choose to look for love in yourself and no longer depend on others for that. Because of this ownership, you no longer have to feel hurt.

Letting go tips

Maybe these tips can help in the process of letting go of your soulmate. “Letting go” means here; letting go of your emotional dependence on him / her. So that you follow your own path and behavior, regardless of what your soulmate might or may not think about this.

  • Want to let go of romantic relationship wish.
  • Accepting this unconditional deep love without having to lead to anything.
  • Being able to see a goal or see the message of this encounter.
  • Focus on the beauty that the other person brings you now, instead of your desires.
  • Let go of your unconditional love for your soulmate and his / her choices.
  • Want what your soulmate gives you now, and no more.
  • Accepting that you cannot do the process for your soulmate, you will still care about the other person.
  • Realize that you cannot control the other person without closing yourself off.
  • Allow your soulmate to go through her / his own learning process
  • Admitting that you often cannot control the process, so that the outcome is often open.
  • Caring for and supporting your soulmate, but letting her / him own his / her
  • Take it every day as it comes and cherish myself in it.
  • Grow and live for the future without regret.
  • Love without longing.


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