I loved you before I met you

Atracting and rejecting at the same time, we all know in every relationship. But what if it becomes so intense that it drastically changes your life? Have you ever met someone who took you by surprise with an unconditional love, as deep as you have never felt it before? A love that suddenly came without you having to do anything for it. At the same time you were confronted with yourself, by that same person. Evoking your most difficult emotions, which you had tucked away the most. Maybe you have met a soulmate then. Read the book. 

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SoulmatesXL is a XL knowledgebase of articles about how soulmates experience this typical  connection. It is also a network of soulmates; members of this website and people who signed up to our Facebook page . This website is to share experiences with each other and to offer each other more insights into what soul love can be. I wish that there is a lot of value for you here! You may also want to help others by sharing your experiences or answering their questions .

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Soulmates, twinflames, twinsouls

There are all kinds of names to descibe an intense soul love and self-confrontation. There are many descriptions and explainations of these terms. But not at this website. This website is only about real life experiences that people kindly shared. I invite you to discover your own opinion about this often impactfull phenomenon.

Soul love is a phenomenon that you can experience with someone; a combination of ultimate love and ultimate self-confrontation that both experience. The phenomenon is mainly known as ‘soulmates’. The deep love feels like ‘coming home’ and ‘the most beautiful thing people can experience’, according to those who have experienced it. It is the deepest love that is possible on earth, many say, love that crosses lives. Soul love seems eternal love.

Life-changing personal growth

The uncunditional love of soulmates is widely discussed, and for this it is a wish of many to meet a true soulmate. Being soulmates from each other however, seems bottom line not so much to be about romance. It usually brings an enormous contrast through intense self-confrontation. This embedded in the deep love and the choices that go with it, makes often a rapid and large consciousness and personal growth  possible. Interaction with each other seems usually temporary, varing from a few weeks to a few years. The encounter is often a life-changing experience, which brings the people more in touch with themselves, bringing them back to their original life path. While you feel the ultimate temptation to choose for the other, the purpose of a soul love experience seems more to choose for your true self again.

What people say

‘Great, thank you! A lot of support and love back to all of you, who are the point of contact for so many people. “

” I just want to let you know that I think this is such a unique website, really great !! I have experienced what a soul love is, and it is very intense and lasting. I didn’t know there was a site about it, but it really touches me !!

“I’m so happy with it this site, because I can read stories from other people here have the same experience as me and that, despite that whatever else there is from, know that soul love really exists! “

“deze site heeft me geholpen om te groeien, het was een anker”

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