P0873. Nonsense?


Is it nonsense that after two years I sometimes think that you should check?

Even though we weren’t really God’s gift to each other?

Is it nonsense that despite all the misunderstandings and drama, I still feel something in my heart called love?

And that there m …

Beautiful moments remain haunted…. Although I am aware that you do not know that anymore?

You probably never come to this page ..

You may have started something new …

And me too .. That’s true …

It took two years already.

But something away from the inside ..

What I apparently can’t find ..

And when I hear the Domme french songs again ..

Or see a bmw pass by ..

Then you are damn again !!

That grrr feeling of love cannot be avoided …

Although you were not honest and you pushed me away …

And I have felt so much pain right through my entire essence.

Something is left behind….

Making me so far. No one has been found who can replace you in every dimension ………

Amai and boy….