P0714. Your eyes


Your eyes tell me volumes
Say the truth softly but plainly
My eyes answer, are different from many and I feel damned
Damned by an impossible love for you dear man
Your blue eyes look into mine full of love and full of questions
At those moments question I wonder if it has already
dawned on you Do you know what I know? Do you know that we belong together?
I think I know the answer but would love to hear from you
we could talk to each other without jammers and others with it
, then I would be very careful to say what you do to me, because you’re the only true love in my life
that I always been you and I only found out too late
Now it’s too late, I am married and not with you
Yes, how do I say it softer?
I can’t spare you the grief because you know what it’s like
You see me with that other person and it feels so incredibly shit
Especially because it comes so close for you but also for me If only I
could turn the past back, then I was free now
Free to go to you and declare you my love
To put my arms around you and carry you to seventh heaven
Unfortunately, earthly laws prohibit me and I will have
to be patient Patience sad but don’t be afraid that my feelings will fade
That will never happen, never
Because you are the love of my life, young or old, blond or gray
This love has been given to us, once…