P0872. No goodbye


When you die, I will say goodbye to you,
but not as long as you
let the world glide past you with averted face
and try not to see why it goes

do not dare to look at yourself in the mirror
and do
not see what you have experienced on your way as what can enrich your life,
but say so, they have done that

As long as you
do not include unconditionality in your love definition
and you have for a long time been keeping yourself away from
the effect of my appearance

Goodbye comes from a conscious decision
not to be
delivered as an unavoidable by-product to the blindfold that you scored
and that the thing has not been torn off

Saying goodbye to people is impossible
as long as they haven’t gone their way.
By navigating
around all this you just collapse – I can’t stand saying goodbye

The question about why you can still ask
Your heart contains the answer to that question
Then a farewell is not necessary at all
Does your new life begin today