P0874. Unconditional love


Don’t think about you for a few hours

Want to give you all love

Want to give my life for you immediately and without hesitation

Even though you are no longer in my life

Despite everything that happened

Although you have often rejected me

Despite that we have often grieved

Despite the fact that we both sometimes nagged

No doubt immediately say yes

Without first having to consult with myself

Purely by the feeling

I can never be cool again

You have totally ruined my life

In the past I have often done

I had to learn a lot

You have been able to turn the tide for me

My love for you is so great

That has made me sincere and devout

You mirrored everything about me

Now I am really free

It was meant to be

That was the reason for the pain

You mirrored that too

That wasn’t you, it was me

Now received so many insights

It is a blessing

Now go in the flow and in peace my path

Without paying too much attention to my colored thoughts

Thank you for who you are

I know that in the end everything gets used

Even to live without you

To spread the love is now my goal