Q1394. What are we all about?


I am not sure where to start, but I will start at the beginning. That seems so easy haha. The first time I saw him, yes, that was the moment I was immediately sold and attracted to him. I knew he was coming to work with us, so finally a nice kid on the shop floor !;) Meanwhile, I could not keep my eyes off him (and I think the other way too! Then you have those moments when you catch each other watching ) I wanted more contact with him than just at work, but real initiative did not come from him. So I decided to contact Facebook first. Everything came from me and I was tired of it. Later I asked for his phone number, with excuse of course! We had regular contact with whatsapp and the contact at work also started to become more fun and enjoyable. After asking him out, whereupon he first said yes and later no because he had doubts, we arranged a spontaneous appointment at night. I did not dare at first because I thought I was being put on hold. That night felt too good to be true, but I thought “You are not just going to kiss a colleague?” He is a fairly closed boy, does not tell much about himself, sometimes seems a bit insecure and used to be an outsider. I asked him what that meant that Saturday. He said that he is very in doubt, still doing, but wanted to give it a chance. He also said he thinks it won’t be something. I have been to a site where you can chat with psychics and mediums. One was also specialized in soulmates and the like. She told me that there are soulmates, she can feel the energy between us so well. It is mainly about attracting and repelling and I have certainly noticed this in recent months. Others also told me that we are soulmates, but my question is; is that really true? I notice it, especially that Saturday night, it felt so good and familiar (and I already felt a doubt about him). He is going on vacation soon and I told him that you should always give something a chance, not shooting is always wrong. That we should not immediately think that it should become something, but that we will find out soon enough if it does not work. During his vacation he starts thinking about it and then we talk about it afterwards. Which is also not unimportant, he is not gone yet and I miss him already. I already had that feeling when I heard that he would go on holiday. Sometimes he can make me very happy, happy and happy, and sometimes I am frustrated, angry, sad and I feel alone. What is your opinion? By the way, this is just a global story of the entire story!