P0870. Your wife forever


What I feel now is indescribable So much love, why can’t we stay together?
I miss you so much!
But what if I see you again? So insecure, soon you will hurt me again and I will look up to it like a mountain. I see a lot of sorrow in your eyes. Unbelievable, all those people around you do not see it. In you I see myself, the same pain. to be?
I want to help you and tell you that everything will be fine But unfortunately that is not possible At the moment you are still disguised So many masks, and I look right through it I see that you have feelings but why do you sometimes do so meanly You can not allowing it and I have to accept Is that what I have to learn ?!
Stop acting!
I cannot see that you are so blocked and that you run away for everything and everyone Deep inside I feel your love and I know that someday we will come together Now I can only dream of it I would spend hours in my want to keep arms so that our fears will go away for a while So many questions and emotions, when I look at the moon in the evening I haven’t seen you for a while Tell me honestly, is this what I deserve?
I know that it is unreasonable but I can no longer cope with the loss. Know that I love you dearly. I will remain your wife forever