P0876. Hallerbos


Who are you, where are you …

what really drove us apart.

so that we can continue to live this way ..

“You beamed So together”

I have often heard.

how is it possible then…

that it went so wrong,

and the love fire was “killed”?

no one has been so fond of me since then

although some evenings / nights were nice.

it always left me with nostalgia

about how t could have been between us ..

I no longer need a church,

and.the johannes story doesn’t interest me anymore.

maria and jesus i left behind,

and even the deeksha does not immediately attract me.

well it together on the couch,

with polleke in your hand,

remind me Happiness,

as well as the crazy evening on the beach.

we made each other laugh so intensely,

with both our instructions.

battered awkward in a world,

where we first walked as a loner.

……. words are so ridiculously Small

to explain everything just like that …

anyway… .. you foolish…. where are you now?

do you want / can you tell me this from your heart …?

Bye Bye…