P0867. Broken by love


Broken in love, I no longer see a way out The trail is missing, the curtains closed It is now so dark and cold, only a few months ago it was still light You played with me without perhaps knowing it I lost my heart, my whole being I gave my listening ear to you and you could read your blue eyes I wanted something that couldn’t, what you wanted will always remain a question mark You gave me the sun, and I saw us drifting apart Where you first took me in your arms and we embraced each other, now only a few politeness kisses remain on the cheek and sometimes not even that anymore I miss your arms around me, even though they may only have translated your friendship You are still someone from whom I learn so much those moments when you came close and looked in my eyes for seconds,no joke Now spring begins but in my heart the autumn came I feel weak, cold and lonely and tears are high You offered to listen to me sweetly and suggested you go out for a walk your time is limited and you are in a hurry to leave Will I explain to you that I lied to myself?
I no longer see a way out, the sun is not shining for me. Never before was I so desperate. My life seems over.