Q0237. Torn apart by sorrow and loss. Are there more people experiencing this?


But last summer I started to understand what was between us so I had turned everything upside down and I put everything at risk to choose I had decided to stay with my current husband so I had to give up what is actually not possible because of his daughter and 2 months later I feel so miserable because what a hell this is while it must be so beautiful because he is my family like my other soulmates I am surrounded with it only my current husband does not understand it sees everything as a betrayal while it must be so intense and heavenly but he is also the only one who does not have this conexion so I am torn apart by sorrow and lack. Are there more people experiencing this?

Just a question? Did you have a child of your soul love? when you were already married to your current husband? How does your husband see the whole situation? I mean this feeling will never be understood by anyone who has not experienced this. And whatever you do, or whoever you choose, your soul love will always remain the one you REALLY love. And you will always be drawn to each other like magnets. Love and strength .. do you keep us informed? (Unknown)