T164. Don’t think if you experience this kind of love


Don’t think if you experience this kind of love, just know it’s your twin, don’t doubt it. Neither share it with others, not even with your best friend, because NO ONE understands this, as long as they have not experienced it themselves or are not aware of it. Really, NO ONE, and certainly not if you have never touched each other. I also want to say that it is good to let go of each other, and by that I mean to let go. By “final” I do not mean that you may never meet again. This is currently the case. The ball is now in his camp. I just removed it, but it has now completely blocked me. Letting go is necessary so that you can give yourself the time and peace to really grow, to develop yourself. I feel that I now desperately need this. And I really hope he does that too. Because he needs it too. And what I also want to say: do not let the other person take you down, do not admit it, I have let it drag on for a little too long, but I am happy that I have now made the decision. We will see how everything continues, I am confident ..