S399 We have both been able to close some of the wrong chapters of our lives and learn to handle the pain


I met my soul love when I was 17. she lived in a house that always inexplicably caught my interest. when I saw her, I realized that I wanted to be just like her. Only 15 years later our road crossed again. we happened to be in the same situation with a toxic person. We met with immediate recognition. only later did we discover that we had both crossed each other before.
It felt like a total recognition as if I already knew her. I did not know what happened to me. the toxic person tried to pull us apart but that just couldn’t be done. Our bond was stronger than anything else. It seemed like total nonsense. she is 16 years older than me and we are of the same sex. it confused me because I had only felt attracted to men. It was she who took the twinflame for the first time. she is right. she is the reverse me. we complement each other perfectly and in our fight against the poisonous person we have learned from each other. we transcended ourselves in all areas, so that afterwards in our private life we ​​can also heal old wounds. our relationship is friendly even now we have deep feelings for each other. we are also attracted to each other on a sexual level. I myself am still in a relationship with a soulmate and I still have young children. As much as we would like more, there are many things that stand in the way. yet I know that our love is unconditional. 
My partner does not believe in such things. I just told him she’s a friend of mine. our relationship actually goes better when I’ve been with her. because I just feel much happier with her around. 
I am in a marriage with 3 young children, she has physical limitations due to chronic illness. I fight with traumas from the past. My soul love appears to be of the same sex.
We both want a love affair, but so far this has not happened because we have little or no private time together.
She is my very best friend with whom we secretly want a relationship and dare to discuss this. we can share everything without judgment. 
We have both been able to close some of the wrong chapters of our lives and learn to cope with the pain.
When one feels emotional, the other has it too. we can feel each other almost at all times.
I have never been in love with her, but I feel a great unconditional love that I have never experienced before. I see her in hate totality with all her good and bad sides. With my partner I was first in love and this is just much different and much more at the soul level while falling in love is more at the physical level. 
She makes me complete. she is ying and i am yang and the picture is now complete.