Q1211. How to tackle this?


The fact is that I have already taken the first step in getting in touch with my soul love. I received a rejection for that, I will not make a second step towards her. But over the years, a number of things have changed between us that have become more positive. We kiss each other and we have sex with each other while she just has a boyfriend. I also don’t know how to handle it anymore and if she wants to write or call me that is always possible.

Answer 1
You are further in your process than they are. You should let the contact come from her side more. For the rest, rely on your feelings as to whether or not you can contact her. If she doesn’t want contact, she’s not ready yet. A number of things have already become more positive and that growth is coming. Let the pace come from her side. Gr.

Answer 2
Thank you Alicia for your answer. I also benefit from this very much. I don’t have sex and don’t kiss my twinflame, but we do have a lot of contact and I also notice that there is often a distance from him, and yes, from me too, because we are direct mirrors. Both not yet ready for the real thing.

Answer 3
Yes there is no hurry we have all the time to develop it.