S386. Thank you very much for meeting you. Best wishes


I have been with a therapist for 5.5 years. From the first moment I met this therapist, I knew this was a special man. I felt a deep bond with him from the beginning. When I was unable to visit him for five weeks at the start of therapy due to holidays, I was physically sick of it. I also wrote this to him in a session report. Our band became increasingly close, and I noticed during sessions that a lot of energy was happening to us. When our greetings became a bit more intimate (hold hands for a moment, look deep into the eyes and hug them at the end) I felt that everything was going on. Was it transfer, being in love etc? I have discussed this with him several times. Last March I felt it was enough for him, the planned session on May 21 would be the last. I have e-mailed this to him in tears, but I also felt that I could go further and further than he was. He did not respond to this mail. I made a farewell gift for him, and also wrote in the second to last session report that his not responding hurt me, but that I had to let go. The very last session was out of this world. When I offered him the gift, he was deeply touched. He said: “This gift first of all confirms me as a therapist – I am doing well – but above all it confirms me as a person.” I was deeply moved by what he said. He sat almost figuratively naked in front of me, I have never experienced anything so beautiful. He read the poem to me and then asked if he could hold me for a moment. When we held on to each other, he let out a deep cry that was between crying and laughing. The roles then turned, he became a student, I became a teacher. He then read to me another card about love of truth and a text he wrote himself: ‘I was allowed to be a guide for you, in your physical, emotional and spiritual journey of transformation into real, pure loving. Living from the core of who you really are. Yes you can! You know and feel that.
COMING HOME! Passionate …, thank you very much for meeting you. Best wishes.’
Very moving again. When I then asked him what he actually thought I was going to stop with him, he said: (and he lied, I saw and felt it) “I don’t like that at all.”

The following days I was completely in mourning. Crying, intense pain etc. Four weeks later I saw him unexpectedly sitting at the bus stop. I got heart palpitations, and greeted him from the other side of the road where I was walking. He only said “Hey hi,” but in those words and his gaze lay a world of sorrow, pain, longing and joy around me. I looked to the bottom of his soul. I saw that he had a hard time, just like me. The following Monday I had an appointment with an auralologist and a psychic. He immediately felt it in me. “He’s your twinflame,” he said. We then ended up in a previous life where he was my husband. I drank myself to death, he couldn’t see this, he drowned himself in the river. Fiercely! “Twinflames cannot live without each other,” he said. “What would you like with him?” “Become good friends,

I then did a number of regression sessions with a trained therapist. I found out that my ex-therapist was my husband twice, once my lover, once my father, once a female colleague in the Greek temple, and once the High Priest in ancient Egypt. I felt all of this during our therapy sessions. I once wrote in a session report: “You are not my beloved, a good colleague or my father, you are my therapist who I want to look deeply into his eyes and hold on to his hands, not otherwise.” So I knew it all …

July last year I could no longer keep it to myself (my friend knew about it, found it very moving and no further threat) and I emailed my twinflame to tell him about it in neutral territory. I hinted via email that there was a soul bond and that I had regressed. Nothing more. He wrote that he was open to contact from person to person and from soul to soul. I was delighted.
On September 22, 2015 I met him at a hotel. From the first moment I noticed that he completely shielded himself. He was cold, arrogant and wearing armor. After some cows and calves I got to the point. I had written a poem about every past life, which I wanted to read as an introduction. He became even killer and said: “The question is whether I want to know this. You think you have something to do for me here. I have a different path to go. You push me into a corner where I don’t belong. I am a therapist. “
I said I understood, but oh, how it hurt.

I have been able to tell him that we have shared at least seven lives in different roles / capacities. And I told him that if we both do nothing, we will continue to feel the tension. Then he (finally) was himself again, touched and moved, he said: “I want to thank you for that, because I think it is fantastic how you figured this out.”
Then we said goodbye to each other with three kisses and that was it …