S027. I think you learn life lessons from it


We had known each other for a long time, but we never realized that it was. We didn’t have a good friendship until two years ago when we were the best friends out of the blue and we had the idea of ​​knowing each other better than anyone. I didn’t have a partner back then.
I experienced it as a relief. Someone who frosts you without having to tell things.And yes, who doesn’t want a buddy with whom you can share everything. We were best friends then. What I found difficult was that other people did not understand. We are never talking about a love relationship together. I think our friendship is what we are most concerned about at the moment because many are working against us. A close friendship that brings us many obstacles, but something that we are happy with. Without each other we would have had a very different life now . It has brought me a lot, sadness, joy, pros and cons. This has helped me a lot. I think you learn life lessons from it.
What I found most special was that we sat together and nothing was said but we understood each other. Of course there are many special moments.
We have always had a friendly relationship. More a brother-sister relationship but that is not the case. There are no words for you can really share everything with each other.
I would like to say that everyone who has such a friendship should handle it well because it is only when it is gone that you will miss it and such a friendship is difficult to rebuild. Take care of your friendship!