S382. Spiritually I have experienced enormous growth and now I dare to trust my heart faster instead of my mind


It was very uncomfortable, my husband brought me to him. He is a physiotherapist and I had a hernia. One glance was enough we felt and knew immediately when I was on the treatment table and my husband was sitting next to it.

I immediately had a kind of feeling that I would never be able to live without him again and there was a lot of recognition, both conscious and unconscious, and then of course fear, panic, butterflies, passion a storm of emotions that we especially did not want to give in to.

We had a very deep spiritual intense love relationship with a lot of emotional pain and sorrow. It was especially difficult because we both had a long relationship with our partners and we didn’t want to hurt them, but we really couldn’t live without each other, we tried this several times. Once we have not seen and spoken to each other for 10 months, but that did not change the situation

My and his partner knew it, they were not blind but pretended that nothing was wrong. Did not want to know, that was too painful.

Obstacles were: distrust, possessiveness, jealousy.

We both wanted a love affair but didn’t dare to go for it. We saw too many bears on our way and found it very difficult to choose ourselves and hurt our partners. After all, we both had a ‘good’ relationship with our partners.

The relationship ended abruptly due to the sudden death of my soul love by a self-chosen death.

I now know what it is to really and unconditionally love someone. Spiritually I have experienced enormous growth and now I dare to trust my heart faster instead of my mind. If something feels right, I will never doubt that long and have more confidence. Our relationship lasted 6 years.

What I found most remarkable was that the distance didn’t matter, it always felt like we were close together and when we were together, everything around us dissolved. We understood each other without words and felt each other remotely even abroad.

The eroticism was not the way you are used to on an earthly level, but more spiritually with hardly any touching an intense feeling of love.

I describe the feeling this way: Unique, intense, irreversible until after death and forever

The relationship ended after 6 years due to a self-chosen death. It feels like a part of me has died. I feel amputated. As if my heart was being torn out. Incomplete

I am not looking for a new soul love because I do not think that is possible and would not want it anymore because it was so intense and intense.

I think I would not be so quick to judge if someone in a relationship falls in love with someone else because it happens to you and there is nothing to be done about it, even death does not separate us. I still have daily contact and that is so special, this experience has made me much more spiritual.

My tip: Listen to your heart and not to your head, but realize that it is not only ideal with your soul love.