Q1017. How do I find a manners with my soul love?


How do I find a manners with my ZL, we continue to encounter each other through ‘working conditions’ and both have a hard time with this.

Answer 1
You apparently have contact about this. Is it then not possible to make agreements together about how to deal with each other? Where are the limits?

Answer 2
It is best to treat each other as normally as possible. Tune in to yourself, ground yourself before the contact takes place. Don’t let yourself be carried away too much with your own emotions and nervousness, but stay in your own strength, then you will feel strong. I also have regular contact with my twinflame and sometimes I am so nervous that I cannot normally drink my coffee without shaking. In my head I really have to calm myself down and think of other things, after which it will work again. The contact is ultimately something nice and I don’t want to ruin it because of my own ego that gets in the way.

Answer 3
Apparently there is a “reason” that you have a lot of contact (at work). Here I conclude that you both have a relationship and you actually want to protect you. You cannot keep blocking the feeling. Follow your own feeling and the answer / solution will come to you naturally.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 4
I agree with answer 2. Learn to stay with yourself and to deal with your emotions. You can follow your feelings but for what purpose? It is not only that you work together, there is even more to it. Find out how you want to deal with him and turn that into action. It will not be easy, but eventually it will be easier. The main thing is that you start looking for your balance in yourself. Good luck.