Q1065. How long have you not seen or spoken to your soul love?


I wonder how long you haven’t seen or talked to your soul love? I haven’t seen him in 16 months. I think no contact for half a year. I certainly need even more time to fully return to myself. Is there proof that it is him? I mean, for example, if someone is still in your mind every day after so much time, is it your soul love?

Answer 1
I already have the proof, she called me once that it is all true. But then she was already in a relationship unfortunately.

Answer 2
I haven’t seen my twinflame for almost 5 weeks now and I think it’s fine this way. I don’t have to see him because that immediately causes the unrest. As soon as we see each other we both feel that unrest, desire and frustration and so it is better this way. There is someone who keeps him away from me and she should do that. This love is stronger and never someone will be able to intervene. I live my life, enjoy, and am happy. There will come a time when the pieces fall into place!

Answer 3
A month ago I saw myself lovely, we live in the same city and we also live not far from each other and we do meet each other at parties in our town. Love

Answer 4
Given that, but really speaking, that was a very long time ago. She does not want that and she only wants it telepathic in an astral dream. I think she is afraid of the outside world that they will make you crazy when it comes out. But it is also good that it does not become anything between us on earth level.

Answer 5
My opinion: Falling in love, because nutrition is needed: seeing each other occasionally, experiencing stimulating experiences. Confirm each other, go from love to love in the process. Developing affection, love grows up. Love between twinflames does not need that, there is a permanent connection within which you keep that attention for each other. Even though the one often does not want that of the other, and may even suffer if that other person wants to stay in his own process. Whatever is good, no matter how long that lasts. So time does not play a role.

Answer 5
It’s just like Arundash! My twinflame is not allowed to see me from his girlfriend, but that doesn’t matter because our band will never bleed to death. That is what soul love is for. She will never intervene, and she certainly feels that. I am angry with her because she keeps us apart, but I also realize that my twinflame cooperates by giving her her way. One day he comes to my senses and comes to me. Whether she wants to or not. But at the moment I don’t have the eye to see him. I think he first has to grow a lot and be honest with himself. As long as he does not, there cannot be good contact on earth level between us. Astral it is a different story; there we are both pure and pure without earthly egos.

Answer 6
That’s right my twinflame always runs away from me but she always comes back to me.

Answer 8
My opinion: If you forget a person or the feelings are over, then it is not a soul love. A soul’s love is constantly in your head and you automatically get more insights. With a period of rest the in love may feel less from fear (not completely gone), but that soul connection does not go away. After a rest period it is meant that the same click will come back. When you work on your own process, you will automatically be rewarded for seeing and / or hearing each other again. Listen to your feelings and you will automatically receive an answer.

Answer 9
@ 8 A question for you Alicia, how do I deal with the fact that my twinflame is aloof and sometimes even cynically comes up against me? He is very fickle at the moment; then he says something nice and a little later something unkind. As if I shouldn’t start thinking that he likes me or something. Am I correct when I think that this behavior comes from his uncertainty about the fact that I can see through him flawlessly? I think he feels that and makes him feel a bit “naked.” What makes him want some kind of armor? Give your mneing about this if you want?

Answer 10
I haven’t seen my twinflame since he broke off contact 3 years ago. Nevertheless, we speak to each other at least once a year in an accident. At the beginning of this year I erased his telephone number and email to let him go. I felt at ease with the knowledge that we will always remain connected…. And two weeks ago he applauded me and we talked all night .. we are now circle .. because the contact is a bit further away … sighs …

Answer 11
Your twinflame is with you for life from the moment you see him or her for the first time. I agree with @ 5, being in love and earthly love needs food or it will go out. Soul love remains equally fierce even after not having seen each other. I came across my twinflame again after 23 years and we had intense physical / sexual encounters within 2 x contacts, which are becoming increasingly intense. twinflame address each other with the soul, purely without confusion of egos or unresolved problems. However, when reason engages the mind to give the feeling a place or to put it into perspective, the problems come and attracting begins to repel.