S376. Real love that I cannot let go


We met on King’s Day, but only just realized that he is my twinflame.
I experience it as confusing, angry, disbelief, painful and a lot of love.
For us, obstacles are: overstrained, opposites, triggering, confusing, incomprehensible, lots of love, lots of collisions, not being able to go with and without each other, walking away, coming back.
We want a love affair together, but there is too much setback, we just broke up, but we still love each other and are very sad now.
What it has brought is true love, not being able to let go, and not giving up anyway.
The most special thing was that we looked at each other and hugged it and wanted to feel it forever at that moment, not wanting to let each other go.
Eroticism was very different it was really love really intense and all the positive feelings came back even more. Very intense.
Not a talker, silent, afraid, misunderstanding, sweet, mean, letting it feel and noticing that I am the true one, again doubt but not being able to let go
Our relationship has ended, terrible, too much hassle but always keep trying, just want to be together again we don’t understand each other. Love is only there, it doesn’t work. So much hate so much arguing but also so much love and so much feeling, it had been done with everyone else, but he and I will never be.
We belong together, but due to circumstances it is not possible to struggle too often.