Q0910. What is the difference between a normal relationship and that of twins?


What are the clear signs that it is a special love? How do you recognize these and what is the difference?

Answer 1
For me it was simple: Everything fell into place at once. Never knew anything more certain in my life. But if she had been the first, I would have considered that normal love, of course. Second, you have more to it: It is no longer about. Normal love is. Third: Everything else that I found important in my life moved to 2nd place. (Arundash)

Answer 2
There are many and different ones for everyone, but 1 sign is very significant: Nothing needs to be proven when one is in a twinflame situation. Everything is made clear (by the connection itself). For example, the harder one denies a twinflame relationship, the harder the other twinflame goes. So much clearer than an “ordinary” commitment. And so much goes without saying. (Who knows)