S374. As if he knows me better than I know myself


I have known him for a few years. I felt very lonely in an unstable relationship. He made me feel great. It was as if he could see through me, as if he knew me better than I knew myself. I felt so attracted to him and he also never let me down as soon as we saw each other.

It was as if he always wanted to reassure me, always made for a positive feeling and also for some humor. Everything I needed at that moment. I was very confused by it: he gave me shivers, it made me very “bumbling”. That unnatural attitude of mine caused fear: I needed his positivity and his loving attention and because of my attitude I was afraid of losing him … I felt love, pain, fear, happiness, inspiration like I have never felt before. He gave me energy and zest for life again.

If I had a hard time my thoughts were always with him. But he is married and has a happy relationship himself. No hair on my mind thinking of making this piece for him, but how should I deal with this … Do I have to tell him what I feel about him?

Again I am afraid of being rejected, I can still learn so much from him!

My partner also knows him very well, but does not notice this…

I never spoke to him about it. If I told you about it, I think all the beautiful moments between us would end and that’s the last thing I want.

An obstacle is that our children are comrades and this made our encounters always short-lived and superficial yet so intense !!

However, I don’t know what he feels: does he only want to help me from my dark period? Does he have feelings too? Is he a friend or does he respond professionally as a doctor ???
Because I ended up in an identity crisis, I informed him about my situation. Again he is helpful and gives me peace. Although he still doesn’t know what I really feel for him. This is so frustrating.

His help made me realize that he must be my soulmate? I hope I can stay that way for a long time because I cherish all those positive things in my heart.

The most special was, for example, the moment he wanted to breed a dog with his dog, for my son (but also for me because animals are therapeutic.) This moved me very much.

This feeling is so profound, emotional, confronting …

I hope I can rebuild my own relationship with the insight my soulmate has given me. Although I will never experience the same feeling because everything was so casual and spontaneous …

I would really like to know what I mean to him?