S372. I have never felt so connected and felt good about anyone


When I met my soul love, there was first one-sided love from my side. She did not love me, but I loved her infinitely. Because she liked me, we agreed a few times. The first few times I felt like heaven, finally together with my love. And then, after a while, she came to me and told me that I meant more to her than anyone else. But she had fear of attachment, so that had never happened. She said it wasn’t her personality, but her personality. We went into therapy together and it worked! We have never experienced love in this way, we know each other through and through, without talking about it. We know what we have in common and the eroticism is great. I found myself in her. Precisely because she has that fear of attachment, it is even better that we have come together anyway. She chose me, she let me in. I am so happy that this happened, because I have found my soul love! I have never felt so connected and felt good about anyone.