S368. He taught me to look consciously at myself


I knew him through a colleague of my sister’s. He was initially occupied, not someone I would draw my attention to because he was in a relationship. A while later I met him in a bar, he started a chat. How and what I dare not say anymore, but that he had nevertheless left a certain impression is one thing that was certain. And this while he was initially not ‘my type’. Since he was still in a relationship, I haven’t thought about it for too long.
Until last .. Long live the social media, I received a friendship request via Facebook. At first I wanted to refuse, because the picture he had as a profile picture did not appear familiar, but something told me that I had to do it anyway. Then I found out it was him. Instantly chatted for hours via private message. He then called me on Facebook. We immediately hung on the phone for 2 hours. I was currently in the last two weeks of my stay abroad. He had since ended his relationship.

What I felt when I hung up was indescribable. I immediately felt that I had known him for years. It clicked so well. I was completely surprised that I felt that way. We then called and chatted almost every day during those two weeks. I immediately got the feeling that I could say everything to him, and also told everything very openly and he had the same feeling towards me. When I came back from abroad we immediately agreed. He didn’t have much time and it was intended that we would sit and chat in the car for a while and then leave again. It was so cozy and we had so much discussion material that this ‘fftjes’ amounted to hours. From 9 p.m. to 3 p.m. we talked and laughed. I have never experienced such a click with anyone. It is overwhelming. We still call for hours every day and we can’t stop talking. If there are things that we are bothered about or that can hurt the other person, we immediately say this. I also feel that I can and may tell him everything.

It is just as difficult at the moment. I have admitted that I am starting to get feelings for him. He has just left a relationship and thinks he never wants a relationship again. This is painful for me because I feel to the depth of my soul that he is my soulmate and he just doesn’t realize it yet. Right now I have to have no expectations and let go, although this is difficult. But it’s all still early and it’s just the beginning. We have been in contact for 2 months now. And others may think, “What is she talking about?” But the way I feel about him I have never felt in my life.
He has the same with me. Normally he is a person who doesn’t care much about girls and doesn’t look at their feelings. But it’s different for me. He would be sorry if he hurt me and he would go to a lot of trouble to keep in touch with me. He feels the same click and cannot renounce it

At this moment it is for us to find out which relationship we want, whether it is going to be friendship or not at all. He feels the same click and recognition that I feel.

I really want a love affair with him, but he can’t make any statements about that at the moment. He is convinced that he never wants a relationship again, that he no longer wants to commit to a girl. This is painful for me.

We are currently friends who have a lot of contact with each other. It looks like a love affair but without that stamp. For him it is satisfactory, but not for me.

He consciously taught me to look at myself and let me become much more aware of myself. I can also be 100% myself with him.

The kiss is so full of passion and very intense. This feeling is indescribable.

Eroticism was very different. The attraction is a thousand times stronger. I can also give myself completely and let go with him. Everything fits and fits. We are also completely on the sexual front.

would describe the feeling of love as something fantastic and different from all other feelings of love.

I think this kind of love is unbeatable.

Time will tell how things will go. I just feel that he is my soulmate.