S076. Soul love has brought us unconditional love


My soul love, I think I even discovered twinflame love only when we decided to separate because there was one important part (sexuality) missing in our relationship. But because it clicks 100% physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we have taken years to make the decision to separate as love partners. My twinflame love also recognizes a soul affinity. I just haven’t told him yet about the possibility that it might be twinflame love that we feel for each other.
We were both single when we met and became partners.

Over the years we have increasingly felt that we have known each other for longer than this life. This was partly due to a vacation some 10 years ago, where we felt a sense of ‘coming home’ at the same time when we ended up in Villa Lecchi (a hotel in Tuscany). The feeling of disbelief at the moment we saw the villa and the joy we both felt made us realize that we both had something special with this place.
After that first time we went back every year, meanwhile the family who run the hotel get to know and who have included us in the family. Every year it feels like coming home again. We don’t feel better anywhere than at this place.

Our relationship is a love relationship in which unconditional love is felt by both of us . However, due to the lack of the ‘earthly need’, we have decided to give each other room to meet this need with someone else.
A difficult step that hurts both of us a lot, but which we know is the only right thing at the moment. This “earthly” sexual need has always felt like “lack” in our relationship. But we have compensated for this lack with all other feelings. The intensity of our love, which we even label as a parent-child love (we believe no higher attainable love is possible)has given us the strength and energy to sustain each other as love partners for 16 years. After 16 years we partially parted to give each other the space to meet other people with whom we can share ‘the earthly loss’.

We fell in love 16 years ago and already knew after 3 months that we wanted to stay together forever. Despite the fact that even then the earthly sexual attraction was minimal.
At the moment we are in the middle of the process from love partners to soul partners. At present, grief and pain dominate the loss of each other as daily partners. We are working hard to shape our new soul partner relationship. We are confident that this relationship will become even more beautiful than our previous relationship.

Soul love has brought us unconditional love. Feel at home. Never be alone again!
It is an intense and unconditional feeling.

I think it is terrible to have to let go of my soul love, but I realize that it cannot be otherwise now. The ways to each other will always be wide open and perhaps we will find a way in our soul love to find a way to also feel ‘earthly’ love