S355. He taught me to feel


After the death of my husband I registered at Lexa. My first date was with him, it hit me like a
bomb. Love at first sight, at least for me. It wasn’t mutual, but I persuaded him for the next date.
Because I have never experienced true love in my life, neither from my parents nor from my marriage I knew
not what happened to me. Butterflies, no longer eating, just my thoughts with him. Almost sickly, and that naturally worried him. Very understandable afterwards, but I was as happy as we were together. For me it was an unconditional love. But soon I became suspicious, and not without reason afterwards. He owned another woman. But I didn’t want to see it and tried to hold this man with everything I had in me.

he called it a very special friendship, we could talk for hours with each other, and soon he came up with the term
soul love. And yes it certainly was for me! I wanted to call it a relationship so badly, but he always denied that. He was not ready, he said. He was divorced and still in the aftermath, and I was patient.

and every time the other woman in the background, I felt it, and asked him several times. He thought he
should help her because she too came from a difficult relationship and always sought support from him. Afterwards he had already made the acquaintance of her for me and so he had contact with her all the time. I unexpectedly went to his house, there was another car in his driveway, everything dark in the house … I spoke to him about it, but he said she was just looking for a shoulder to cry out. And even though I didn’t believe that, I swallowed again, hoping that he would eventually choose me.

… because I really wanted a relationship with him, I already saw me living together with him in a while. He therefore had his reasons for not continuing. He just wanted to keep on eating two walls, I think. We finally broke up for a while. But after half a year he stood on my doorstep in tears. Of course I tacked and we had a few nice months again. But after a while I noticed that he was still in contact with the other woman, and, to top it all, she lived with him a few days later, supposedly to relax. Then I decided to put an end to it. But how difficult that was. I got into a relationship with another man, where I am very happy. He is someone with whom I find peace and who wants to grow old with me. But it will never feel like soul love …

very occasionally we still have contact via chat or phone call. I continue to love him, and I think I will always be. But I made a choice, I am going for my current friend !! And yet my soul love will always remain in my head.
my soul love has taught me to feel. And for that I will be grateful to him all my life! the most special moment remains for me during a walk together in the Veluwe. We got tired and sat down under a tree. Nothing else, just us together under that tree. I would like to sit with him in a hut on the moor, as long as we were together. That
was the most important thing for me.
our sex life was great in one word. I felt like a complete woman with him. We could enjoy each other for hours.
I had never experienced that in my life. all-embracing, overwhelming!