Q0818. Does the law of attraction also work if you want to see your twin?


I wonder if I can also use the law of attraction (the secret) to see or encounter my twin in daily life. And how do I do that? We do live in the same city, and we meet each other by appointment, but never spontaneously, coincidentally without other people. It seems so nice to be with two of us.

Answer 1
In the short term: maybe. In the long term (what ultimately matters): NO. This looks like manipulation. I wouldn’t dare worry, it would be like applying a kind of formula to your twin. Do not! It does develop, behind the scenes of the universe. The universe that takes care of us and that we don’t trust. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Okay Wieweet, then I will not do that. You are right that it looks like manipulation. But the other person also has free will or not? In fact, how can it be explained that if I just don’t want to think about him, and banish him from my head, all of a sudden I get signs? And yes, that universe that we do not trust …. otherwise I will start to get more and more trust in it. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, that is certainly where the human being has (got) free will. I wonder how far that free will applies to twinflames. Because twinflames only come together to fulfill an assignment that suits them and a theme that suits them. Apparently you will not be able to be with the two of you once. But by appointment you see each other occasionally. Is that impossible to combine then? The two of you by appointment? Those signs on your path, when you shut yourself off from him, those are morphic fields in my opinion. Google it once. Even before you met your twinflame (or another important person) for the first time, those fields were already created or formed, I think. I wonder about the strength of those fields, every time. (Wieweet)

Answer 4
To answer 3; yes, we already did see each other by appointment and that is nice. But what I mean is to meet each other, when you have thrown this into the universe according to the law of attraction. But you’re right; he also has a free will. We also saw each other yesterday and talked and, oh, it was hit again, we said exactly the same thing at the same time. Both had to laugh about it. Morphic fields, yes, I have studied that. But does that mean that we see each other or have met because we both sent that wish into the air at the time (and unconsciously) or how should I see that? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes it is indeed possible, and this is often the case with twinflames, that you already walked past each other like shadows before the actual conscious encounter took place. With us that was October 14, 2007 and the conscious meeting was March 28, 2008 and the extrasensory perception that we were twinflames on July 15, 2008. So there were resp. 163 and 110 days between. This way I am always puzzling and trying to discover patterns or rhythms. The reason for the first “shadow” event was a reluctance of a child to read a book for literature and my incentive to follow that book / story together instead of seeing it with its own eyes where it had taken place, so that the story was better remembered for the Dutch test. That context (literature-son-book-place) was the morphic field that was created to unknowingly encounter my twin for the first time on 14-10-2007, which already started in September 2007 when the bibliography had to be submitted. If I hadn’t had a son, I think another morphic field would have been created, such as an exhibition from the newspaper, open day, last beautiful weekend of the year, you name it. (Who knows)

Answer 6
Thank you for your explanation WieWet, I would have been thinking in the right direction. How special, your story about how you met your twinflame. I also believe that if you had not had a son, another morphic field would have been created, the universe cannot be missed! I met my twinflame for the first time when I also met my partner, but I still didn’t know it was my twinflame. There was, however, a special and good bond between us from the outset. (Unknown)