S347. I am suddenly happy with myself


I met him at work, without knowing each other, after an hour we had the most fun conversations and understood each other like no one else has understood me. I was not sure what this meant, I am in a relationship and started to doubt whether it was true love with my partner .. This felt so different and familiar. Only now 2.5 years later I find out that it is soul love … But secretly there is a desire and hope for more …

We could understand each other without words, people thought he was strange and people often found me strange. Weird and scary because we are honest about everything. It feels like love, falling in love, longing and without him a special loss. We have so much fun, only at work you can only show things to a limited extent, privately we have never agreed to really talk. But through texting and some comments I know it is mutual. He is not me alone. I have the idea that he respects my relationship and therefore regards love as friendship and does not want to “bother” me with his feelings. Sometimes I hope he does, to see how I react to this. But now I enjoy the moments that we can be together, laugh and enjoy …

Our relationship was purely friendly, unfortunately limited to colleagues. But I am sure that after the time we have together on work, there will come a time when friendship will continue outside of work. I can’t live without him anymore.

I had a distance relationship, and am now married. My partner doesn’t know, he won’t understand. I don’t want to share it with him either. As long as I can be happy in this way and enjoy these 2 fantastic men, I will not take any risks. If fate decides otherwise, it is early enough to deal with this.

I would rather have a love relationship with him, or he wants that I don’t know. He has been alone for more than half his life, older than me and happy. Both of us are not the person who will look it up, destiny will determine whether we will ever be together …

Our relationship was friendly, and yes, we are satisfied. I am happy and grateful to him for the mirror he holds up to me, the words he tells me. And the beautiful dreams that I have of it

I have changed so much .. I did not know that such a thing existed. I am suddenly happy with myself, with what is happening around me, and can enjoy the small moments, the desire and the understanding without it really confusing me. that was different in the beginning, but now everything gets its place.

The most special thing for me was the reunion after the holidays, the mornings that we are alone, the conversations. In fact, nothing extra special has ever happened. But every day feels like a gift when I’ve seen and talked to him. The butterflies come off as soon as I park the car in front of the office and see his car standing…

Without words you understand me,
Without words we laugh.

Without being so close together
Without words it is so weird.

Without words we are together
Without words you can be that

Without words so close
Without words but oh so happy

Glad we found each other,
Glad to have found what I wanted

Without words, I love you

What people may think is that a moment like what I have experienced is immediately in love and you have to make a choice if you already have a partner. Take your time and enjoy it, it is also possible together, nobody forces you to make a choice. what I find scary is to share this with people. There is only 1 person who really knows what the fork is like, and it will stay that way.

My tip: Take your time and enjoy it, it is too good to pass by.