Q1012. Child that looks like you


How is it possible that the child of your twinflame looks like you while father and mother don’t look like you?

Answer 1
It often happens that twinflames already have children from another partnership. In most cases there is a piece of twinflame of both of you in the child. (depends on process) You can feel this when you also have a strong bond with the child. In the child of twinflame you can sometimes see yourself as a child again. Certain difficulties that need to be overcome with your help so that you also come closer to yourself. Everything has a certain purpose and that becomes clear.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 2
I also have a child that looks like my twinflame and not my husband. Well how is that possible? No idea. My twinflame and my daughter also love each other, have a good relationship.

Answer 3
Hi everyone, thanks for this interesting question-answer series. The birth date of my child and twinflame are rather close together. If you believe in horoscopes, that can be a nice explanation. They also feel good about each other …

Answer 4
My twinflame also has a child and when I saw that child it looked a lot like me.

Answer 5
People around me also say that my youngest looks like my twinflame, while they have no idea what is going on. I always have to laugh about it in myself, although I once felt suspicious; my mother really looked at me like “is that child maybe really his?” I could just feel that she thought that, and that wasn’t nice, because I can say in all purity that it isn’t.

Answer 6
My child and my twinflame have the same birthday. Very strange. I recognize many things from my twinflame to my child. I find that very special …