Q0071. Those people that immediately strike me are soulmates?


When I see people walking in the street, I can immediately tell whether I will feel something for it or not. As long as it gets the time. I will develop a special feeling for those people, but it does not always end in love. Then I actually have 2 questions: What is involved in soul love? And those people who immediately notice me, are they soulmates or am I connected to it in another way?

If you experience soul love then you know it. Then you don’t doubt that. If you feel whether you are going to feel something for people or not, it is mainly related to your personal level of consciousness (expressed in ‘energy frequency’ or vibration). Every person has its own unique consciousness frequency as it has a unique fingerprint and DNA composition. People with levels of consciousness that are close to each other feel more for each other and people where the levels of consciousness are further apart feel less for each other. With soul love you are literally on the same wavelength, the same level of consciousness, the same frequency. You are the same, you are a. (Tiny)