Q0485. Respect and honesty?


I increasingly have the feeling that soul love can be there if everything is right. it feels very uncomfortable to speculate about relationships that have to break in order to reach soul love. and it also literally breaks my heart to not be able to be with soul love because I am married. it doesn’t feel fair to speak with my partner here. nor does it feel ok to have physical contact with my husband. I don’t know how I want to deal with that, I want to be free to find out. yet I want to remain loving towards everyone and want to continue to respect everyone. what is fair to me? I don’t want to wait for my twin anymore. for me, friendly love contact with my twin would be the fairest for all of us. in all openness, knowing that this friendship is the deepest soul love and that is why it can now be handled. I also want to keep a little distance there so that it stays clean. we can then experience that twin love more intensively and pass it on, mirror it further. I also want to give my soul love and my partner all the space they need to show their way so that I can respect it. I am willing not to have sex with either.

And does your husband know that you are putting this on the internet behind his back? And that you no longer want sex, does he accept that too? I never even hear responses from partners, yes only when knots have been made. I never see my twin, his wife wouldn’t want me to see him, but she doesn’t speak this to me, I just feel it. Not to mention that he occasionally calls anonymously, I feel it is him, but then he simply says nothing. Yet this is his way of making contact. I often think that we (my twinflame and I) are practicing for our next life. So this life he has a twinflame on earth, is not with a twinflame but does have a twinflame in the background, is in the early stage of the angel, is practicing for that purpose in providing assistance. The next life his twinflame remains “at home” and he works here on earth as an angel in human form. And his twinflame, me, his guide is in a different dimension, and also in continuous telepathic connection with each other. Then I send him from hot to her, lol. I tell this story to alert others that your current life situation can be an exercise for the next life, and that makes perfect … art! (Unknown)

What is fair for yourself? you wonder? there is only one who can say that and that is you. Respect, loving for everyone and for yourself? Respect is different from following your heart … what do you want in your heart because that’s what it’s all about? do you follow your heart and do you have respect for everyone or do you live from respect for others and then comes your own heart, your feeling .. do you also have enough respect for yourself ..? do you want friendship / relationship with your twin? beautiful, special..do! Do you want a physical relationship with your partner? also good right ?! find out, there is only one who can figure it out, that is you and you are free in that? If you are happy in your relationship then you should do it that way … if your feelings are right? yet? how your husband and your twin are going to experience that .. that is looking at coffee grounds .. it is not possible to plan .. it is now about what you want with it ..