Q1175. How can you find your way again?


I had to let go of my soul love and that hurts me so much. I would like to know if others had to do the same, how they dealt with that grief and whether they were finally able to find their way again.

Answer 1
I have had to let go of my soul love (who is not?) And that is always difficult, but you will find that your connection will never disappear, even though it may feel different now. That soul connection is there and it is there forever. Letting go does not mean banning the other person from your system and life but letting go in love, expecting nothing more, feeling unconditional love. The other person feels that and comes back to you automatically, whether that is in the earthly existence or in the astral, you will come together again.

Answer 2
Thought never to be able to function normally again, BUT …… there was a life without a twinflame! After about 8 weeks of intense sorrow I came across another soulmate and this one was so nice. I found so much in him, friendship, buddies, love, sometimes the same feeling as for a very dear person such as your child, father or mother. The communication was much better than with the tz, no quarrels but an intense deep understanding. I can only say, I am so happy, intensely happy that I have met this soulmate, such an intense deep understanding of each other and so much respect. Hope you can experience the same.

Answer 3
It is a game that, as time goes by, you understand better how it works. And how you can deal with it better. By falling and getting up, you get to know the experiences that you are experiencing, making it a second nature. . If you want to go to the top of the mountain you will have to endure everything. If you have lived through and accepted this then you will have no trouble with it.