Q0600. My mother’s not gonna believe this?


We are soulmates. Explain why, I am not going to do that here. I do say, however, that I am fourteen years old myself, before I get answers that I cannot deal with given my age. The bond between us is stronger than ever. I can’t stop talking about him while eating. It makes my parents and older brother a little crazy. My father is only happy for me, but he doesn’t really care. Probably (it is not yet certain) he is slightly autistic, because he hardly contacts anyone else. I have the feeling that he is somewhat open to me and my brother. My father is not the problem. Neither is my brother, moreover, he already has such a suspicion that there is more to it than ordinary love. But he was never really interested in love, and although he is three years older than me, he has never had a girlfriend. He is not so worried about it either. But my mother … I know that when she was my age, she used to see love as a game. At least that is my conclusion. She had many friends, and when she talks about it now she does it very casually. In fact, she is not in love with my father, not anymore, but until I and my brother can fully take care of ourselves, she just stays with him. (They are not married, by the way, only living together.) My mother does not believe in eternal love. She does not believe that the first time I fall in love, that it is also forever forever. I did tell her that I think that I and my soulmate will stay together for a very long time. But she doesn’t believe in it. I have never spoken to her about the bond that my soulmate and I have, my mother does not know how special we are for each other. I’m afraid if I tell her what we really feel for each other, she won’t believe it. She may even be trying to convince me that I should not be sitting on one person, that I have a whole life ahead of me, that I cannot know for sure if our love is forever, and more of that sort of thing. I have a pretty good relationship with my mother, but as I become more and more independent and start making my own choices, that bond begins to change. It is not really like it used to be, but it is again. But I’m afraid it will have negative consequences if I tell it. I really do not differ from my point of view, but what will my mother say? I do not want to fight. What should I do? I just let her go now and enjoy the love with my soulmate, even if that means that we have to overcome many obstacles. But I don’t want my mother to think wrong about us. Do I have to tell her anyway? And how?

Answer 1
What a wisdom for such a young person. Magnificent!!! You are well on your way. You express very clearly what you feel and what your insights are. Stay with this !!! If you stick to this, and give it some time, you will know in a while exactly what you should or should not do towards your mother. It’ll come!! I think it’s wonderful how you write about your soulmate and yourself. It is an unconditional love that does not necessarily mean a relationship with him. If he is your soulmate you will continue to love him for the rest of your life, just because he is your other half. You will love him unconditionally and still get another friend. But you know, it doesn’t really matter. If you are meant for a relationship, what could be better than this being with your soulmate? Your mother does not believe in eternal love and that is why she has had so many friends, because she has always been looking for what she has deeply! inside knows that it DOES exist. She just never found it. If you get a relationship with your soulmate because that is the way it is meant to be, then you are chosen and you never have to look anymore, because you have already found the ultimate! I wish you lots of love and in some strange way I am proud of you. Love (L.) then you are chosen and you never have to look again, because you have already found the ultimate then !!! I wish you lots of love and in some strange way I am proud of you. Love (L.) then you are chosen and you never have to look again, because you have already found the ultimate then !!! I wish you lots of love and in some strange way I am proud of you. Love (L.)

Answer 2
Dear unknown. my experience with soul love is that only the people who have experienced it themselves can understand what it is and what it does to you. if you also think that you are still young, most people will think that you are just very much in love. also your mother! I would just keep it nice for yourself and enjoy all the moments that you are together! (Unknown)

Answer 3
You have to ask yourself why it is so important to you that your mother understand and believe Twin Souls. Give it time. Then you will get clarity why you want her to believe in this. I definitely believe that your mother will start to think differently over time when she sees that true love can exist and can continue to exist !!! Love each other !!!! love (L.)

Answer 4
To say that he is the man of your life is too early for your mother to say that to her, but maybe you can tell her, without lying to your mother that you are a very nice boy and what I feel for him now does not want to get rid of him. And if there are any nicer guys I don’t know and I really don’t care about that now. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Hi dear girl, if your mother sees how happy you are and stays with your friend then she will get it, and if your father and mother are not happy together, perhaps also because your father is slightly autistic, then she also understands how important it is that you can feel that love, she probably longs for it herself. you sound much wiser than a 14-year-old, you follow your soul so well (old soul probably, but I don’t have to tell you that) very lovingly. (Unknown)

Answer 6
dear soulmate, how brave for you to write this. just stay with yourself and slowly discover what your soulmate means to you. if you would like to talk to your mother about this relationship I would do it, as a very important friend for you. if you want to ‘go further’ with him I would discuss it with your mother; if that fails then with someone close to you and a parent. (Unknown)