S229. Our egos have disappeared


We met on the internet, a dating site. I think it’s destined.
I am currently in a relationship with her. We are in different countries, but there has been a meeting recently.
We both have no partners and there are no obstacles. Every step we take goes over a smooth paved road. It seems that it is already there. As if everything is ready, there really is no obstacle worth mentioning, not for us and not in both of us. There is a distance in km between us, but even that is not even an obstacle.

Neither of them was really looking for a relationship, but it was suddenly there in a beat. And it was immediately deeper and more solid and of a completely different level than any relationship I had before, and there were a few long ones relationships between.

It is now still a distance relationship, but we are going to live together physically, in the feeling we are already doing that clearly. The relationship is very satisfactory in its current form, but both see the potential of living together, and there is no doubt about it.

What it has brought is a very hard and very definitive blow to both of us ego. He has run away with both, there really is no place for and between us and an ego.
The most special thing is knowing each other through and through, ridiculously many similarities in thought, doing and noting, but certainly also life course, a trust in each other that transcends everything, and the enormous powers that are released within us.

In terms of eroticism goes in an automatically fitting way. There is no need for a question or answer about what someone likes. Or how far something can go. Here too, there is an incredible amount of acquaintance.

Soul love feels like all-embracing, and very decisive for your attitude to life.

My tip is: Leave the thinking to others, follow what you feel.