S341. Time doesn’t matter


Met a warm young man since a few months. He is a bit younger than me. Did not expect that I would ever meet a young man who
would mean so much to me. Just when I thought that I would never again meet a great love, he would come my way. It’s been a few
months, but he feels so good.

He takes the time for me, we look each other deeply in the eye, it is actually indescribable what happens then: Music, dance, timeless, sending and receiving back and forth, but above all a lot of love. We are both careful, but it feels like it used to be

I have met my great love twice in the past, but I really had something with 1. This feels stronger. He does not know that I have had another, but he also quickly said goodbye to old love when I noticed that my feelings for my soul love grew stronger. I have to be able to look into my soul love and be honest.
There are no real obstacles, it is just looking at what we both need and need. That needs time.

We both want a love relationship, I can feel that in myself and in his loving treatment. Why? So that we can give each other a place where we can give each other space but also give a lot of love.
It is still the beginning of the relationship, it is still early, but certainly satisfying.
He gives attention and time, he lets me know that he likes me. Already at the first meeting I just knew he was special.
And our first unforgettable kiss, at the right time, when we were both ready for it. We make love much more passionately than before and for a long time, the clock simply does not count.
This love emotionally goes a step further than previous experiences.
I still have contact with my old love, I asked him to give me time and space. But at the moment he has a little more difficulty releasing me. I no longer settle for less.

I enjoy the time together, don’t put pressure on the relationship, so that it can develop quietly.