S333. Deep love, happiness and real being together


I got to know him through a chat box. I knew and felt it immediately.
I had not seen him but his voice appealed to me, he told me things from his childhood, there was so much faith and love on the phone. We were on the phone well into the night. He wrote poems for me. I didn’t care what he would
look like, I had to see him. And the meeting came, I looked at him in those beautiful brown eyes and I melted.
We started living together fairly quickly and had the most beautiful intense love that could ever be. I often think back and get emotional because I want that again. He not at the moment and maybe never again. I cannot predict the future.
He is not a talker. I told him what I thought what I felt.

His dominant and dominant mother and his loyalty to his mother stand in the way.
He no longer wants a relationship, he wants his freedom back as he says and tries to waste his time by making dates via the internet. I, on the other hand, am sad about this.
At the moment we have almost no contact but for me this is not satisfactory, I leave him alone but miss him enormously.

It once brought me deep love, happiness and real being together. I enjoyed it so much.
When we went to live together. Those months were unforgettable. We even slept hand in hand. Where I was, he was too. I will never forget that period and he will always have a place in my heart.
Eroticism was also very beautiful, much more intense and you feel that bond and love.
Intense and everlasting whether we are in contact or not.
Terrible, it still hurts me a lot, he has made so much impression on me, I miss him so much and am very sad about this regularly.

I don’t want anyone else, he’s the only one for me.
I am glad I met him despite the pain and sorrow.