Q1121. Soul love or falling in love?


I think I have found my soul love, through an online game, wordfeud. From literally the first sentence a crazy attraction to each other. Like magnets. We could not let go of each other and kept turning around each other. We both wondered what that was between us. The desire to see each other, to be together was enormous. I am married and have two children. He is a widower. I had a hard time with it. Being married and crazy about someone else. Found and find it very complicated. Finally the step to meet each other. Enormous tension. We both could barely get out of our words. I want to go for it but he wants me to think about the children and fight for our happiness. We no longer have contact, he wants me to let go. But yes, that is precisely the problem. I get up with it and go to bed with it. I have never experienced this deep feeling of love !! And also wonder if I want less! and want to go …

Answer 1
Do you also come together in dreams. If so, it is a twinflame or soul love, otherwise an ordinary infatuation that has been built up.

Do you mean by dreams that I dream about him or that we also converse in our dreams? I do dream about him, but we don’t have conversations in our dreams. I have no contact with him for 2 months now and the loss is still felt every day. In fact, the loss is increasing again … I try to ban him from my thoughts, but so far it has not been possible. I still have that I can almost feel him physically. Could this also have to do with desire? I have been in love more often (although I don’t fall in love soon) but this just feels very different. Whatever I read here on the site, it is an inner knowing. It hurts, really hurts, that I no longer have contact with him. He has completely slammed the door and am afraid that it will stay that way…. I miss him … (Unknown)

Answer 2
I miss her too It is so nice when it happened unexpectedly like today when I had a nice and pleasant day. I could feel her again lifelike.

Answer 3
No, this is not to be confused with hopeless love. I have had an energetic connection with my twinflame for 31 years. In the beginning this was intense, after our short relationship 23 years ago it was at a peak, after which it was almost nothing at a low ebb. However, at set times there was always a weak feeling that made me know that she was still thinking of me. Have always felt those 23 years and conscience beyond that is someone who loves me dearly. Since 5 months we have had spiritual and physical contact again and the telepathic empathic link is again rising. So don’t despair if you don’t feel the link for a moment, it is always there, perhaps as background noise, just as the background noise of the universe is always there.