P0321. Sorry


I am sorry for having crossed your ways. I
am sorry that I have recognized you my soul.
I am sorry that I loved you so much.
I am sorry oh how sorry I am ..

Your silence is now starting to hurt.
Confirmation is all I was looking for.
My self-confidence has fallen below zero.
Everywhere I pick up life, I
let go and no longer want.

I no longer live, just breathe.
A living corpse is mine,
since the day you stole my soul, I am empty and I am in pain.

I have never loved anyone so much and hated so much at the same time.
I would scream in your face: “I hate you, I hate you!”
They say that feeling of love is mutual, I don’t believe it.
It is 2 seconds of happiness and an eternity of pain.

Finally a good message:

I disappear from your sight, your life and your ways. You will no longer be bothered by me.
Live your life in good luck!

Thank you and Fuck you!