Q0286. What should you do if you get the feeling that you are going to lose each other?


What should you do if you get the feeling that you will lose each other ??? The idea is driving me crazy … so do you have any tips? What if your heart started screaming more and more for him ???? But you can’t tell from your soul love? And you already have a relationship and three boy kids? Like good tips thank you !!

Answer Also
think a bit that I am in the case, I love to see him from time to time, I think it stifles him, especially love for him we keep some distance. We long for each other, both cannot fight and cannot live without each other, also want to be with him as much as possible. (Unknown)

Everything happens for a reason, even if you lose each other again. Go with the waves and the current and do not pull, that only brings distance. I also do not think that soul love is meant that you already get a relationship with the person. But only many years later when both processes have matured. (Unknown)

I would say look at where that fear comes from. Fear is nothing more than a lack of Self-Trust, Faith, Self-Love and Power. If you feel Anxiety, the only way to get that back into Balance is to develop More Self-confidence, Faith, Own Love, and Strength. It is your Ego who from fear is afraid of losing another. From your Soul you are forever connected to that other person so you cannot lose that other person at all! Fear Removes you from Love! Fear repels and causes separation (you lose the connection with your soul / higher self / God at those fear moments). Love attracts and creates oneness. Stay with yourSelf, stay Trust and have the Courage to stay Believe in your Dreams … .. Love (ChildofGod – Ivy)