S326. It has brought me a lot of confusion and uncertainty, but also a very great feeling of love


He was my driving instructor. I immediately felt that there was something, but did not know it was soul love. Had never heard of this. There was something for him too, but what?
After seeing him a few times the confusion was great with me, it was difficult to deal with. Also suffered from crying.

He seems to have been my partner in a previous life.

I told my partner from the start what was going on. I wanted and could not do otherwise. My partner understood, but of course inserting is something else. It is not easy for him, but he supports me wherever he can.
My twin feels very much at home with us from the first moment and also likes to come. He also says he has the feeling that he has been coming to us for years, it is familiar.

My feeling towards him is deeper (I think) than his feeling towards me. He doesn’t really comment on that. I told him that I love him “dearly” without ulterior motives. His answer is that he knows that. There are also often very small signals that make it clear to me what he feels for me.
A relationship together will not work because we are both married. But we have to wait and see what the cosmos has for us. If the time comes then I am open to it and my partner can accept this.

We see each other regularly, e-mailing, texting or calling. I would like to see him more often, but he is busy and has too little time for that. I often miss him, which makes me feel lonely.

It has brought me a lot of confusion and uncertainty, but also a very great feeling of love. It is in every fiber of body. He is not out of my mind for a moment. If he is near me, I am the happiest woman on earth. I would prefer to always have him around me.

The most special thing was when my girlfriend recently died suddenly he came to me in the evening, when he actually had no time, to comfort me.

The soul love feeling is something that cannot be expressed in words. It goes beyond the earthly. It is big. I also know that we must feel that love for ourselves (our twinflame mirrors us) so that we can also give love to our fellow human beings and make the world more beautiful with this. True love brings light.

I must not think of having him in my life anymore, even though I sometimes think ‘I wish I had never met you’.

He was sent by my brother, who died in 2012. It is my twinflame’s birthday on the same day as my brother, he took his final exam on my birthday and he looks like my brother.

My tip: Try to talk about it openly, certainly with your partner if you have one, but also with people you know for sure, (follow your feeling) that they can hear. Because loneliness is lurking differently. It must not be something strange, make sure it is trusted.