Q0583. Physical attraction?


Do you feel physically attracted to your twinflame? I can imagine that if your twinflame is much younger or much older, physical attraction plays a lesser role. I also heard of a woman who was traditionally married, had a family and met her female twinflame. The persons in question did have strong feelings of love towards each other, but there was no physical attraction or desire. And for myself? to be very honest yes, that heavenly is wonderful but the earthly hope I may also ever experience.

Answer 1
Yes we felt physically attracted to each other. I eat macrobiotic, look healthy and have a sports body. Despite being a generation younger, we devoured each other with our eyes. And I am still energetically sucked at him when I see a picture of him. That will never pass. When I visualize him in bed, my kundalini energy starts to drive through my body like crazy. My body is also only for him (I always say in my mind: ” I am your twinflame so it’s yours and do whatever you want with it ”) and he can use it whenever he wants. For the time being that is wishful thinking, but nevertheless I take good care of my body, better than before I met him .I also started to look more feminine, ha! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I feel very physically attracted to my twinflame from the beginning. Nothing ever happened between us except what courtesy kisses and hands give. But there is a lot of eye contact and sometimes he is so close to me that we accidentally touch each other. Those are moments that make me yearn for (much) more. But I don’t know if that will ever happen … (Unknown)

Answer 3
Between twinflames there is a very strong attraction, also physically. Outwardly not in karmic relationships and this one does not “see” that much. If one is concerned about the appearance, then ego is going on or we are talking about a small soulmate. Even with soul affinities it is said that appearance does not count. There is just a strong attraction and you take each other as he / she is. My twinflame is very similar to me and we have had an incredibly strong physical attraction. That is why we have been intimate fairly quickly. My ZV is completely different in appearance, extremely slim, quite long, while I don’t normally like tall men. I am a small chubby myself. Only the appeal is simply there and then no appearance counts. When you think about the appearance, .(Unknown)

Answer 4
When the appearance is over, remember that ego is interfering with me (Alicia S.)

Answer 5
Yes. Despite a large age difference; unfortunately I have to admit that that piece is also included with me. In the beginning I thought that this was not the case, but it was also a form of denial because I thought it could not. But i can not help it. It is what it is. That attraction is there, BUT … I suspect that this is more to do with just hugging than with the ultimate gathering. You start doubting your own integrity when you have this feeling and you acknowledge that it just belongs. I am sorry I feel this. I will therefore post this message as ‘unknown’. (Unknown)

Answer 6
For answerer 5: Why are you going to doubt your own integrity? Because of the age difference? I think it is very honest of you. And we do not live in the year zero, but in 2011. Do not push away, what there is is there. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I was not physically attracted to my twin, which surprised me because I just feel erotic tensions in women. Not with her. That also has to do for a few practical reasons, such as she was a minor, I knew she would get married very quickly, I didn’t want to confuse her. I did not want to marry her, and she did want to marry me, and I discovered that after thirty years, I only felt love for her from soul to soul. And that is still the case. At the last physical meeting exactly the same physical feelings, I felt absolutely no erotic tension, I was and am not in love with her, but we are still crazy about each other after thirty years. If we contacted each other again, I already know that it will be a platonic relationship. (Unknown)

Answer 8
The soul power is the strongest. even if I have earthly contact, I always want that from the soul. everything else would feel like cheating, I think. I think about that. Suppose you have a relationship with your twin; Do you never feel like having normal sex again? is going to warn naturally. (Ilja)

Answer 9
We felt and feel (that never stops) we are enormously attracted to each other, really towards the bestial. We have had a lot of sex, although we are not together, think that we convert our spiritual feelings into the primitive physical. And that is how it should be for us, he freed me from sexual fears, and showed me the stars. Appearance, time and space play no role, only its scent or voice is enough to make me melt, and we have done enough together. There can be no more for us, although you have to be careful that it does not become an addiction. (Unknown)

Answer 10
In reality there has never really been physical contact in the sense of sex. But in my dreams, very often. And that felt like it was real then. As if my twinflame visited me at night. I also believe that it is possible, that is what astral love is called. But I would also like to experience the same in reality. Unfortunately, we are bound by earthly laws that prevent this. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Yes Ilja would it be hypnosis? If only we would hold out to ourselves if we were really together every day, we might be so impressed that we completely forgot about sex, ha! All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, in my mind I release with my twin and I say “Well, your hand must go over my spine from bottom to top”. And immediately the kundalini energy starts to flow, haha, it always works! (Unknown)

Answer 12
Physical or sexual attraction are 2 different things in my experience…. I sometimes think in the earthly way they call it sex, in heaven it is “making love”, these are 2 completely different approaches. (Unknown)

Answer 13
That’s a good one, would it be self-hypnosis? and yet I do not always succeed and feel very clear when twin closes, think that you have to do it with 2 or iig both must be open to. (Unknown)

Answer 14
Reply 12; that’s how I feel about it; even though I can enjoy sex; I enjoy true soul love companies more; moreover beneficial for more than 2 (Unknown)

Answer 15
To answer 11; is much simpler than hypnosis, and actually the other way around. (Ilja)

Answer 16
Answer 10: there must be earthly laws, but they are drawn up by people with ego and power, never place them above heavenly laws. (Unknown)

Answer 17
Well I’ll tell you, I don’t have flat sex anymore, since twin came into my life I can’t feel it anymore ok. luckily I have no demanding woman, it was already on a very low level. Give me that heavenly but maybe someday again with twin but then from the soul. Is it normal that you no longer find your own partner attractive if you have your twinflame? (Unknown)

Answer 18
Still find my partner attractive and sweet but you feel a limit that is not there with twin; is painful … (Unknown)