S323. Such a band does not grow, but is right from the start


We met each other on the internet purely by accident, there was a bond that we both did not know. We both felt very strongly what is THIS? Where is this going?

I beamed again I felt life in my body again, I enjoy every minute every minute we had together on the internet. We have had intensive contact for half a year talking about everything nothing was too crazy. We could talk for hours, no silences fell, we felt a bond that we could not describe. We both never felt this with anyone.

We have had an on-line relationship for a while, we have called each other a few times. But it became too double for us because we are both married. And we both don’t want to just give up, EVER it will be fine.

Nobody knows about the existence of my soul love, that is difficult. Although I would like to scream from the rooftops and explain what it does to me, I can’t make it.

The main obstacles are that we are both married and have children. Although you know that you are meant for each other, you also know that this is not possible at the moment. Then you have to decide to distance yourself from each other. No matter how difficult and painful that is.

We both want a love affair, but because he started thinking so much about his family, he is not available to me at the moment, I have to resign myself to it, because I can hardly force anyone to be with me. He doesn’t want to hurt his family and I understand that all too well. We sometimes make choices in life and this is one of them.

Now at this moment we recently decided to break off all contact with each other for the time being. Just to get some peace again in our own lives. But I can tell you this hurts a lot. I am very sad every day because I know that we are meant for each other and because I do not know when we will ever meet again. That’s a choice we made together, but why is it so damn hard? Why can’t I just ask how he’s doing? For the simple reason that we made that decision together to take that distance. I give him that time and grant him. But that does not mean that I am not allowed to be sad about it. But I will come out stronger one day. But now I have to live with a lot of pain in my heart. No, this is not really satisfactory for both of us, but we have our families and we don’t want to hurt them either. Difficult, difficult but for everyone in this situation I think very recognizable.

I always thought that there would be someone in this life who would be my soul love. And that one day I would find him. The funny thing is, this encounter was so strange. We both had the idea “we are soul lovers”. He felt that even before I did, because at that moment I was really concerned with being open to it because I am happily married. But you feel it and you know it. That brought me to float that the days were much more beautiful than before, that my whole body was shining, you just saw it in me, my eyes, my skin, everything was shining from it.

The most special thing is that we feel how we feel, that we say the same thing nine times out of ten times. It was special to feel that such a band does not grow but that it was the same from the start. I describe him as my buddy, my love of my life. Emotional, calm, powerful, warm, compassionate.

I experience ending our contact as very emotional, I have HSP and that only reinforces it. I miss him a lot and would prefer to go to him now to tell him that I miss him and that I want to be with him. But that is not possible and so I do not. Although deep in my heart I know that everything will ever be fine between us. In the meantime, am I afraid that maybe that won’t happen at all. And that is very sad at the moment.

We let go of each other because we both wanted to be together and that was just not possible at the moment. Both married, children, spaced too large. And although we all know each other from photos and have had conversations via chat and calling together, we both know we are each other. I am defeated by this loss, as if my best buddy has died that is how it feels and that I will never see him again. I will have to wait and learn to live with all this. And that will also get better over time. Letting go means being strong.

I have never sought soul love, it has come my way, and for now I am going to wait for him. And then I’ll see again. I want to give this a chance and that is not necessary now, not tomorrow that will be possible in a few years. For the time being, I first want to get a rest in my life. And I want to enjoy other things again.

If you come across your soul love in life and you are both in relationship at that moment. Then don’t be afraid to temporarily let go of each other. If you are meant for each other, it will all turn out fine.

My tip: If you have the feeling of soul love, show it to the other person, tell and explain how you feel. This is often recognizable for the other person, but difficult to describe.