P0083. Strength and tenderness


You my dear husband, my other half, I miss you for a long time
Hoping for a time of us, that is what I long for
You to make you feel what I feel for you, so great and powerful
Not to put into words, you are for me more than beautiful
You do everything with so much love and tenderness
Never reproachful, never judgmental, full of presence
You have real attention for my feelings and my being
Can your understanding and love for me read in your eyes
So much tenderness and warmth it glows through me
through your love I feel woman from head to toe
Through you I can sing and dance and cry again
Laugh and live with you, I want to trade everything in for it
Certainty and safety what it still represents, without you
You, who make me fizz again, that’s why I love you
The warm look in your eyes makes me melt and shine
Those “moments” I want to repeat with you every day
You dear face in my hands, I in your arms
Do you want to give anything, do you want to warm with heart and soul
Hope that someday you will choose for passion and happiness
Wait for your love, we together that can never be broken
Trust you in everything, have seen your desire and your strength
To live with me, without obstacles, day and night
This greatest, deep love is indispensable
Feel that you want to give me that wonderful love every day
Long for you, for a life together forever
In my heart and soul I will take you along for all eternity