S319. He has brought me a lot of happiness and love. Lots of self-insight


I met him at a party. After a few months we agreed once and I was just in the middle of a move. He offered to help me when the spark broke in one go and I felt so much love that I didn’t know what was happening to me. When I felt all of that I knew what true love was and I doubted any previous love I had ever had. Yes I knew this was my soul love.

I have experienced this very deeply. We felt 1 together and felt that we could handle everything as long as we were together. It felt like a bubble around us and the world stopped turning. Nothing mattered and all worries fell away like a log. We were more than a team, we didn’t need words and just knew that he belonged to me and I belonged to him.

We had a relationship in which we were both incredibly comfortable. We didn’t need words, just a glance was enough. I didn’t have a partner when I met him.

The obstacles that we encountered are the difference of living environment. He came from a well-educated, safe family and was an only child. I, on the other hand, came from an unstable family in which I experienced a lot. Two different worlds of experience, yet so terribly the same. This caused quite a few difficulties in the beginning, but the biggest obstacle was his family who didn’t think I was good enough for him. Because of this he was faced with the choice. His family … or me. This was an impossible choice.

We both wanted a love affair! But because of the problems his family had with me (which I still do not understand) it was running and running terribly difficult and we are now also separating.

We are now apart but we see each other when we go screaming crazy because we miss each other so terribly but at the same time know that if we stay together it will be an impossible task at the moment. No, this is clearly not satisfactory.

He has brought me a lot of happiness and love. A lot of self-insight, beautiful moments and an incredible realization that this is something I will never find again. The realization that what I have had with previous loves is nothing compared to what we had. Gratitude that I was allowed to experience this and at the same time sadness that we have not been granted this right now.

For me the most special thing was the humor we shared, that we could say everything to each other, the little things like eating tompoes in the middle of the night or sitting together in the garden until deep into the night in the summer talking about anything and everything what. Our love … 1 great moment that you can’t choose from, because it was and is all equally special.

Eroticism was different. As if we were merging and the world stopped turning for a moment. Together 1 … something I have never been able to feel with anyone else.

I describe the soul love feeling as a whole. Everything is right and everything insecurities disappear like snow in the sun. Beautiful, pure, intense and wonderfully enjoy even the lesser moments. Grateful…

The relationship ended because he was forced to make a choice that he is not yet ready for. His family or I … I feel a void that doesn’t seem to fill. Everything I do now feels like an investment in the future that was once set aside for us. Still it feels good that we are following this path and that it is going that way but I cannot stop believing that we will meet again someday and that something has been laid for us in the future.

There is no such love that I cannot believe. Every relationship feels like I have to settle for less and I simply cannot live with that. Maybe it changed once I have no idea but I just can’t imagine. After 4 years we still feel each other, we still miss each other and our love is just as strong as from the first day.

I wouldn’t believe in this love if I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t feel the same and he does. Nobody can tell how things are going I only know that I am certain that one day we will be.

My tips: If it has to be that way, it will come your way again. I enjoy all the beautiful things on my path and can only say, do not feel insecure, angry perhaps frustrated that you cannot be together but be grateful for every beautiful moment you have had. There are many people who will never experience this and always stay somewhere searching.

Never give up on anybody.. Miracles happen every day…