S314. I am only now starting to get to know myself. He has taught me that you get the love out of yourself


I am only now starting to get to know myself.
He taught me that you get the love out of yourself

I met my soul love in my work environment. From a spontaneous reaction on his part, we started talking. He told me to have seen it before and was already interested. We made a lunch appointment and from that moment there was a click. Our conversations were immediately open and familiar. We told each other about our private problems. He had already left his wife and I doubted my love for my partner.

It felt like a whole new world was opening. It immediately felt familiar and it seemed that we had known each other for years. Immediately I longed to see you again soon and constantly looked forward to him. With days or sometimes weeks in between, we saw each other again and we saw that we were happy to see each other. We only saw each other in the work environment, so we behaved businesslike. During an organized lunch by the employer we accidentally ended up at the same table again and there we spoke extensively again. So many similarities and so much humor. A warm feeling spread through my body. I felt that the same thing happened with him.

A friendship and a kind of addiction developed. We could talk for hours with each other. We texted, we emailed. Feelings were described. There were no inhibitions, we could tell each other everything. We did not condemn each other, there was respect. I couldn’t live without him. My whole life was turned upside down and he got to know true love. Now I knew for sure that I no longer loved my partner. It was such a big difference. My heart really opened for the first time. My dream was to start a real love relationship. We also had sex but it was making love, very calm and sweet. Being with him was enough for me.

My partner did not understand it at all and thought it was pretty threatening. The panic struck and did everything to disrupt the relationship with my soul love. It was fierce. That ended everything. My soul love started to keep me at a considerable distance. And that still hurts terribly. I miss him, want to be with him. I still love him even though it was almost half a year ago. But it is also a painful issue for my partner. The divorce is being requested …

We held up a mirror to each other. The divorce of him and his wife was not yet complete, and still had to be released from his ex-partner in every respect. I myself have not yet divorced what I am doing now. I have discovered myself, in all those years I have forgotten my inner child. I am now learning to think of myself and trying to love myself too. This is a process of a long time. The divorce also has an impact and a tough time is coming. My soul love also has a lot to process what has happened in its past. Unfortunately I don’t know what he really wants. He wanted to take it easy, he told me … I give him that space, I myself also need that space to get my life back in order. But I now know that I go for unconditional love.

My soul love started with making a lot of plans and wanted to help me find myself. He gave me strength and spirit. That really made me strong. I wanted to share my life with him right away. But my soul love took gas back. He needed the power and the spirit that he gave me. His own life was also turned upside down and he had lost himself too. I also wanted to be for him, but he chose to continue his path without me … but how I miss him … and how much I feel love for him.

We hardly have any contact anymore, even though I think about him all day. Very occasionally we see each other but only a short nod or a word of courtesy. I miss him and I want to give him all my love. I don’t know what he feels or thinks but he keeps me at a distance,

My relationship with my partner has never really had depth. After meeting my soul love, I know for sure that I have missed a lot. I now know what love really is and I want to go for that.
I am only now starting to get to know myself. I want to continue that process. I have learned a lot and now know how strong and self-esteem is. I am now on an unknown difficult road, but I accept the challenge.

We could talk to each other without touching each other. Occasionally a careful hug and a soft kiss on the lips. We were able to maintain that for months. Our interests matched, and we exchanged stories from what we had read in certain books that we both liked.

We talked about eroticism and the desires were there too. But we managed that well because we took our partners into account. But at a certain point we also got very free on the phone. We have experienced moments in it and so intensely without touching each other. It seemed like we were together. There was so much more feeling in it than what I was used to. So much more…

The soul love feeling is intense, warm for me, hurts a lot because I’m not with him. But love is still there.

We have no relationship because he wants to take it easy and a lot has happened to thwart our contact with our partners.
It is hard for me that he no longer wants to see or see me. I feel alone without him, but I have to go on without him. He taught me that you get the love out of yourself and that nothing can be taken for granted. But my love for him is still intense. I always take the why with me. Why did you contact me and why did you stop … why did you choose me?

I would like such a love again. That you can both learn from each other and bring out the best in each other.

Through my meeting with my soul love, I became enormously emotionally dependent on my love. Because he ended the contact, I realized that this was not good for me. The pain that I experienced through the fracture was debilitating and confronting. This signaled that I had to work on myself and still have to work. Love for yourself also means attracting love to you.

My tips: Cherish the moments that you are together with your soul love. It’s over before you know it. That has gone too fast for me.
Stay close to yourself. Many people do not understand what soul love means. You don’t always have to share these feelings with others.