Q0814. Afstoten…


Someone tips how you stay in your own positive power and close to yourself when your twinflame is busy with shedding?

Answer 1
Make sure you include light and air. Talk about it, if necessary with the dog or the cat, then you give it air. Also take good care of yourself and keep regularity, you will also stay centered. Not taking part, that costs energy and you desperately need it in this twinflame process. Just go to bed at 8 p.m. if you want to be nice 1 with your twin. That will make you feel better and it costs nothing. He then recovers automatically. (Who knows)

Answer 2
If your twinflame is shedding, it may (perhaps unknowingly) evoke the fear that you will be driven apart and it will no longer work out. Know then that the chance is much greater that the disposal is only temporary. And know that shedding is probably not intended personally, but that your twinflame just can’t handle the situation properly at that time. So don’t make it harder and bigger than it is. Easy to say, but there is some truth in it. Trust, even if you do not see the overview and the outcome. Don’t go to the base. (Unknown)

Answer 3
How do you know he is rejecting you? Do you have contact or do you just feel it? My advice is to close yourself off more as soon as he enters your head, send him away. That gives more peace and in the long run the rejection is over. Just putting energy in him and trying to find out things about him, for example, ensure that the other person feels this and you will reject it. I also notice it with my twin. As soon as I leave him alone and as little as possible with him, he comes to me. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I fully agree with the previous answers. These are THE ways to deal with it. I myself sometimes go to bed early (especially now in the fall) to be closer to my twinflame. I sometimes feel it around me when I’m calm. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Perhaps a strange example, but today I had to deliver a package to a daycare center. I see a couple of toddlers, one and a half, standing on their legs in the box, crowing with pleasure. I suddenly thought: Would they worry about a good or bad outcome 1 time? Are you crazy, not at all, even though they are away from home all day, they ALWAYS trust that mom or dad will come again. That’s the same with your twin. (Who knows)

Answer 6
WieWeet, you always give such wonderful reactions that you can do something with !! This again. I will remember him. It is all about an initial confidence in the smooth running of affairs. And if you really trust that, from your heart, then you attract that too, I think. (Unknown)