S311. My soul love made sure that I got to know myself


My soul love is a colleague of mine. Before we started working together there was already an introduction email contact. In this mail contact alone there was already a huge click. I think this came from both sides, because we mailed and mailed on and on.

I felt incredibly euphoric. It seemed like I could handle the whole world. In the months that followed, contact at work only got better and better. We text, text and talk every day. We shared songs together. We had so many things that made us remember what we felt for the other.

We have never had a relationship. From both sides we never dared say what we felt for each other. It was all so incredibly clear that we were (and are!) Intended for each other.

I met my soul love six months before I had a relationship with my current partner, but between my soul love and me the whole situation was unclear. I opted for certainty and trust, which I found with my current partner. My soul love has always been the one I thought of when I went to sleep and when I woke up. He has not been out of my mind for a day. My current partner knows nothing about my love for this soul love.

Obstacles were: uncertainty; what we felt and felt of each other.
Feeling a dire click.

Although we still see each other at work, we have not been talking to each other for a year and a half. Occasionally there are times when we suddenly have a little contact. The click is still huge. Deep down, we want a love affair together. We both have a partner at the moment.

The relationship we now have is collegial with occasional moments of total recognition and rapprochement. This relationship is not satisfactory. I miss him in my life, can’t love any man. He also says things to me that you can’t do when you’re in a relationship. He says that there is an enormous amount of chemistry between us and that we must meet quickly. He seems to have already chosen … if I choose him, he will break up his relationship and choose me.

My soul love has opened my eyes. I know exactly what I want with my life, I feel special and I have learned the lessons of life. My soul love made sure that I got to know myself.

The most special thing for me was: after a year and a half, we spoke again in a way that used to be. You could tell that nothing has changed between us … the feeling has only increased.

The soul love feeling is unconditional love for each other, no matter how long you don’t see or speak to each other.