P0636. Once again


once again we meet here ..
time and time again, in a different form ..
and again we hurt each other ..
because now I do not meet the standard ..

you can not grasp ..
not place in ..
too old .. too far ..
nonsense linked to madness ..

words that get stuck in my throat ..
deeper feelings, even though we already talk so much ..
not What I really want to say
comes from my mouth.
don’t know how to explain ..

you say this, i say that ..
we say so much, but are we actually saying something?
is feeling so anxious to be completely there?
is that why we hurt each other so much?

I am left with all the questions ..
months, years .. hours .. days ..
an almost insurmountable distance has been created again ..
have we still not learned it? ..

after all those centuries of being taken apart …
all those painful memories that we have gathered ..

or is it another step in the dark? ..
until we are Home and Really See ..
that we cannot walk away or get torn apart ..
you and me .. I and you .. we .. us .. 1 heart, 1 being …